May 15th, 2006



I got a $25 Best Buy gift card for doing a survey. I have some spare time this week. I have World of Warcraft.
Plan: Install WoW and get a new game card with gift certificate. Play Almendras (31 Undead Priest on CC) a bit this week and maybe hit Gnomegoran.

Tomorrow I'm heading down to Houston to look at apartments and visit my mom on Wednesday. I need to bring my cap and gown so my grandma can see me in it in person since she's too old to come up to Austin in person.
I also have some packing to do.

Yesterday, I consolodated my loans. Yay! go me. I also saw the TXRD Rollergirls in action. They have a much nicer setup in the convention center than they did two years ago when they were in a warehouse on the east side. I'm glad they are doing well.

Man, I've forgotten how long it takes to install this puppy. Like 15minutes per disk, 4 disks, and then it will probably have to patch for an hour or so.