June 21st, 2006


Back to the old stomping grounds The Mucky Duck

The Mucky Duck has had a bit of a makeover since the last time I attended an event there. It's got a new coat of grey paint, and new slate floors as well as some improvements inside.

Me and ljuser=veve went to see the Emily Dugas Band, composed of some of the remnants of Clandestine. We had a tough time getting a good seat because the seat czar only gave us two crappy options for sitting, but once we got in there I was able to sweet talk our waitress, a cute girl in a train engineer hat that kinda reminded me of Heather Graham, into a better table.

The group was pretty good. There was Emily, of course, and her brother who couldn't play the cello/base up to the standards of the rest of the group. There was McQueen the great fiddler, and a happy mexican hobbit-like guitar player that was a riot the whole show because he was hopped up on chocolate covered expresso beans. There was also an asian flute player and another singer.

They put on a pretty good show, putting in a few R&B like tunes where Emily got to show off her Etta James like pipes. I had a good cider called Strongbow, and some apple pie, which had way way too much allspice and stuff other than apples in it making it more of a mince-meat pie.

All in all a good time was had by all.