August 7th, 2006

Let's Party!


Yay! Crappy cable service went away, and not I have decent cable service and internet with a DVR. I never thought I'd be happy to have TimeWarner. Now I can record stuff.
In other news, I'm trying to return my cable modem to old crappy company, so I go to their office at lunch today and they have a sign that says BE back later with the little clock indicating somewhere around 2pm. So I call the company cause my letter says they should be open and the guy doesn't have a number for them. So I got the service guy to laugh by saying, "So they are closed random hours when they are supposed to be open and you don't have a number for me to call and check". To which he said, yeah. And that my friends is really shitty service. He did give me a return tracking number and I'll mail it back to them.

Watched Robot chicken last night, like a whole season's worth on YouTube with Rilee, and then we watches Who Wants To be a Superhero. Enjoyable cheese.