August 10th, 2006


Car Problems

I've noticed my car seems to be running hot lately. Not that the thermostat gauge is showing that, but the heat has been radiating from the motor when I get out so much that I can feel it. It's definately just not the heat outside causing the engine to get hot. I had the oil changed, and the serpentine belt replaced, and had them check all the liquids the other day hoping that might solve the problem. It was still running hot yesterday, so I had Rilee drop me off at work and take it in today. The plan is that they'll work on it this morning, he'll take it to work, come pick me up after work, and we'll go get his car. We'll probably be picking his car up later this evening, since his was also getting worked on.

I have on my list:
Radiator, hoses, water pump, oil pump, fan, thermostat as things that could be causing the problem.

Oh, and if you need cheap bathroom stuff you can probably go to the airport today and load up on discarded Shampoo, creames, toothpaste, and other stuff folks are having to throw away. If you're in something like the Red Cross, somebody should go and collect all that stuff.

Collection Idea

I've called the Star of Hope Woman's Shelter here in Houston and told them if they could spare someone with a truck and alot of boxes they could collect alot of unused toiletries at the airport for folks in their shelter today due to the change in rules.

If anybody knows any other organizations that could use donations of toiletries, please contact them and let them know about this great opportunity.
I'd hate for all that to go to waste.