August 16th, 2006



So this week I've been trying to knock out some errands and tasks.

I've reviewed my IRA stock positions, and sold some, as well as requested forms to allow me to sell stocks short.

We're changing benefits providers, so along with that we get free financial planning consultations with folks. I need to get a more offical Last Will drawn up, and make sure mom is taken care of if I croak.

I've been doing research on buying a house, and it doesn't look good. It looks like we are at the top of a housing bubble, so an investment in a house at this point is a bad one.

I need to get my new pads for my car brakes.
I did get a library card, and checked out some books.
I did turn in some requests to the apartment complex, and got a new water heater since my last one was leaking a bit, and hopefully they fixed the stove burner as well, as though I haven't checked yet.

Got some dating advice yesterday from an old friend over dinner.

Finished The Bard's Tale on the Xbox. Fun little game.

We got networking training at work today. Basically go out and meet people more type stuff, so hopefully they'll pay for me to do some stuff I want to do, like judge at debate tournaments and volunteer, but we'll see.