August 29th, 2006


Upcoming Vegas Trip

So I've been looking at tickets online. Penn and Teller are on vacation, so maybe we'll go see The Amazing Johnathan as our magic show. Jubilee and maybe Blue Man Group. Dang, I need to check on Blue Man Group.. I forgot they will probably sell out if I wait till the weekend.

I've been catching up on my reading lately. I got a library card, and put all the books I wanted to read on hold so that they get delivered to my local library. It's so close I could walk over there on a not 90 degree day. So I read the latest Jim Butcher
'The Adventures of Harry Dresden' novel, and I'm also reading the new Anita Blake novel.
One by Alan Dean Foster about the alien kidnappees trying to get home. One about Alias type werewolves/vampires. One about a magic using modern thief called 'The Retreivers' series. So yeah, lots of reading. I'm saving some for the flight this weekend.

Disgaea 2 also come out this weekend, so I'll be picking it up next week.