September 8th, 2006

Black and White

Vegas thoughts

Friday - Sunday were awesome. Saw the sights, saw the big Jubilee! show-girl show with women in costumes that looked like many Fraggles died to produce, and men in tuxes, and then in codpieces. The most non-biblical educational version of the story of Samson and Delilah, a Titanic recap, and some cool juggling and acrobatics. Saw The Amazing Johnathan and his blond assistant Tanya. Did a bit of gambling and poker as well. It was hot as hell, and my poor little legs got tired on Sunday of treking around.

I'm having a lot of trouble with the way Monday went.
C freaked out over the hotel bill for no logical reason I can understand and said 'I'm not paying it!' when she set up the vacation, made the lodging arrangements, and invited me.
It wasn't more than she was expecting, or anything. It made me feel like she didn't think the cost of the trip was worth the pleasure of my company. Maybe she was trying to see if I would pay for the trip, but since she said she would before that seemed like emotional manipulation to me. I tried to calm her down but she got all pissed off and stayed that way the rest of the day. She even got mad at me for asking her to get me a 2 dollar bottled water when I was getting my stuff together and getting ready to board the flight.
Maybe I didn't phrase my request politely, but I was trying to get my crap together to leave and I had to go to the bathroom before the flight as well. I think had our roles been reversed I wouldn't have gotten upset about that at all, I'd have gladly gone and got her the water. It's just a matter of being considerate. If she's going to get so upset over something so trivial, what does that say about how much she values making me happy, and about her ability to deal with all the financial crap that comes up in the course of a relationship. Hell, I ask Rilee and Eve to pick me up a soda or value meal on the way over to see me all the time without thinking about it, and they worry about making rent some months. Granted, I pay for their dinners more and get them far more stuff than I ask them to get me so I think it all washes, but they don't complain at all. Anyway, I figured I'd give it a couple of days to settle to see if I was somehow over-reacting or over-sensitive, but it still bugs me.
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