September 12th, 2006



So after my last posting I had a discussion with C, and we agreed to part ways.
There was really no huge thing that lead to it, just a steady accumulation of small things that weren't working out. I think we both took it fairly well, and maybe we'll continue to be friends. At the end of the day I feel I was honest and didn't lead her on, and that's the most important thing to me.

Other than that...Nothing terribly significant is going on in my life lately. I'm just not inspired to write much. Work is good, playing video games in the evenings or catching up on my sci-fi reading and a bit of TV. I've been in wanting more alone time the last month, probably a belated response from living with my sister for a few years.
I plan to visit my sister early next month probably to see my nephew again.

A few friends had birthdays last week, so I went out to a dinner or two to help them celebrate.