October 4th, 2006


You want to go where everybody knows your name

So almost everyday I go get breakfast in the little asian run greasy spoon in the corner of the building. It must be subsidized by the company because the prices are super reasonable. I get my 2 egg, lots of bacon, breakfast sandwich on white almost every day, and the guy every day asks me to repeat my order. Even though it's the breakfast special. SINCE JULY this has been going on 4x a week. And then it's amusing that he just yells my order at what I assume is his wife who is the short order cook. That would all be fine if the place was busy and he had lots of customers, but when we're in there ordering we're usually the only ones or a few other people are in there. It's not like a food court or something.

So it goes like this..

Me: I'd like the breakfast special. Breakfast sandwich, eggs, bacon, white bread, butter. To go.
Him: Breakfast sandwich?
Me: Yes.
Him: Bacon?
Me: Yes.
Him: White or wheat?
Me: white. (sigh)
Him: Butter ?
Me: Yeah.
Him: OK. Here or to go?
Me: to go.

Turns to wife who's about 5 paces away at the grill.

My DVR decided it doesn't want to tape Heroes for some odd reason. So no episode 2 for me. Ah well.
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