February 1st, 2007

rainy day

Because I've been bitching about the constant rain since October..

Sunny skies ahead now that rainy January is over

It's nice to know that it's not all in my head.

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January's end should finally bring drier weather.

Although February began today on a soggy, miserable note, forecasters believe the skies will finally clear this evening, and that rainfall chances will remain low until at least early next week.

There's even the possibility of sun — sunshine! — beginning Friday.

Although it didn't set records for total accumulations, January was a month of steady rain. At least a trace of rain fell during 20 of January's 31 days, and Bush Intercontinental set a January record of 13 consecutive days of rain during the middle of the month.

Forecasters say the city has been buffeted by a series of Pacific fronts that are more common during El Nino, natural warming of ocean temperatures in the eastern and central Pacific, which has been in force this winter. Pacific fronts aren't as cold as arctic cold fronts, and are typically more moist.

Temperatures this weekend will be near seasonal averages.