February 6th, 2007


Weekend Update

Saturday I once again enjoyed Clandestine at the Duck. Yay! They are back together with a new guitarist named Al, who I found chuckling at as he does the hopping playing style of Judy Nails from Guitar Hero.
Last weekend I once again donned my DM’s hat for a game after my visiting with my brother in law for a bit.
Fun was had. Pizza was eaten. Many lizardfolk died for their crimes against the Free City.
I also downloaded City of Heroes and played a bit of their free trial. I used to play some, but took up WoW after I moved
to Springfield. Going back was kinda a step back, if felt more like a console button masher than a real tactical rpg.
I guess I just got used to fighting in Warsong Gulch or in instance dungeons that felt better crafted where you had to use
your brains and not just spam attack. Not that I’m playing WoW again either, but if I do decide to play a MMORPG it will
probably be back to Wow.

Yesterday I had some friends over to watch Heroes. It was nice watching a show with multiple friends over. Feels more like a little party that way.
I haven’t done that in awhile.

Tonight I plan on going to watch the free Anime show at West Oaks Alamo Drafthouse.

In News - People in Boston are stupid and scared of litebrite ads, and does anybody on my Friends list actually know who Robert Goulet is other than me. I mean, I actually have a one of his broadway songs on my computer. Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha, but I imagine he's pretty obscure for the younger crowd. He was on a superbowl ad for nuts playing a gremlin that will get you if you don't eat nuts.