April 3rd, 2007

Wes the dark hero


Last Thursday, I got my teeth cleaned by Klein Crossing Dentist Melissa Castronovo . Wow, has technology really jumped since the last time I went to a fancy dentist.
I stuck my head in a little scanner and several whirrs later digital x-rays of all my teeth were on the screen. They they did the single tooth x-rays, but they don’t use film in the little mouthpieces anymore, they use a sensor that digitally transmits the xray image back immediately. Then they took a tiny digital camera pen and took regular digital pics of every tooth from in my mouth that displayed up on the screen. So now on the big screen they have a digital xray of my whole smile area, and then a pic of each tooth with the x-ray of it beneath it arranged in the order they are in my mouth. Very cool stuff, I felt like I was in a Star Trek doc’s office.

Friday my new computer arrived. Yay! The game I was playing looks so much better with the new computer graphics able to be turned up.
Saturday I saw Blades of Glory. I thought it was pretty funny, and I don’t really like dumb comedies that much. Then I went to a friend’s crawfish boil that didn’t know how to boil crawfish, so I ended up the master chef for the afternoon there. Sunday was gaming goodness. It was a very busy, social weekend for me.