June 6th, 2007


Giving back

From several sources I've heard about how to manage your work-life balance and that you should have three legs on the stool of you life, work, home life, and community involvement. I've looked into a few ways to give back, but I haven't had any response from the offers I made or the places I've inquired about. I want to do something challeging that relies on my skills to give back, not just work at a food bank or something.
Anyway, I think I've found something that will fit my interests and give back. There is a program called LibriVox that records written works that have become public domain, like classics of literature.
One of the categories is sci-fi and fantasy, and some of the classics are coming into the public domain.
I've always heard of Joseph Campbell and E. E. 'Doc' Smith listed as inspirations for alot of authors, but I haven't ever looked into their work. So I think I'll do that, and if I like it maybe I'll record it for others to hear.

ThunderChild - Sci-fi in the Public Domain


Anyway, all this came about because of an interest in listening to podcasts of sci-fi stories when I had some downtime or am doing something repetitive that only requires half a mind.

I enjoy the Escape Pod podcast of sci-fi stories, and also the detective stories featuring Black Jack Justice at Decoder Ring Theatre that are told in an old fashioned radio drama way.