June 21st, 2007


I am Beaker, hear me roar! Meep!

I finally put my computer back together the other day. I moved it out of the office because I had some water damage in there from storms about a month back. Then when I tried to move the stuff back in there my old desk came apart, so I went and bought a new monster desk. Now everything's all set up back in there.

I saw FF:RotSS the other day and it was an enjoyable popcorn flick. The theatre was hot thought.
I've just been hot alot lately.

Still house shopping.

I saw a musical play a last weekend with the Collins at Infernal Bridge Groom theatre at the Axiom. It was entertaining and funny. They did a great bit in tribute to the old lavish MGM musical numbers with tuxes and feather stuff. Very nice.

Update: Apparently their song was a version of Busby Berkeley Dreams by The Magnetic Fields.

A very pretty example. Man that song is beautiful.