July 3rd, 2007

house stick

Redneck grump

anti-Redneck ranting

Wow, I saw a bit of 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader?' the other day. There was a Cameron (from House) look-a-like playing which is the primary reason I even stopped flicking the channel. I got to pretend it was a very special episode of House in which Cameron goes on a TV gameshow to afford to take a nice romantic vaction which Chase. In my defense, I had it on while doing other stuff. I could see where it might be entertainment if they vetted the contestants to be less educated, maybe ones with GED's or high-school drop outs of something, but this lady was a teacher I think and she just rolled through the game show like she was answering 5th grade questions. It was kinda funny that Foxworthy had to ask her to slow down and think for a minute or too (aka drag it out a bit more) before she answered such toughies as 'How many sides does a rectangle have?' She chickened out at the end though. I must say I didn't think it was terribly entertaining, kinda like Who Wants to Be a Millionairre for dummies. The Anti-Jeopardy. Alas our poor educational system and America if this thing is a popular as I heard it was.

(Aside: The only good thing is that I learned that Wayne Brady has a karoke show where contestants will have to remember song lyrics. That seems like a good show.)

Secondly, why the hell does my pop radio station keep playing some Carrie Underwood cheatin revenge song?
If you're going to do something about a cheating boyfriend dump his ass. I like Beyonce's song where she packs his shit in a box, calls his ass a taxi, and takes the keys to the car that's in her name.
Apparently white trash has to beat up a cheating boyfriend's truck with a baseball bat. And if that wasn't stupid and CRIMINAL enough, she carves her name on the seat. That's mentally disturbed. Her next song will probably be how she boiled the bunnies and pets of her cheating man.