July 18th, 2007


Burglar strikes!

Normally I write that I don't have much exciting going on as I live a pretty dull life.
As some of ya'll know, I'm looking for a new house, and one of the reasons is that crime at my complex has gotten pretty bad, even though it's a nice complex with gates and security guards and I live right next to the office and mailroom with alot of foot/car traffic.

Well yesterday according to the story that got pieced together, an african american was loitering around my apartment complex at around 9am. He knocked on a few people's doors to see if they were home. A neighbor looked through her peephole and told him to go away. One of the complex cleaning ladies noticed him and went to get the courtesy security/police officer to watch him. Apparently after she went to get the officer, he decided that he'd hit my apartment as I didn't answer the door. He threw a rock through my living room window, opened it, climbed in and quickly cased the apartment running through all the rooms and looking in the closets. He grabbed my duffle bag, stole my PS2, games and DVD's, digital camera, and laptop and then fled the scene in a white toyota camry (nobody got the license plate unfortunately). The good news is he left more stuff than he took including my shiny new desktop computer which I'm happy didn't get nicked.

Luckily I picked up renter's insurance a few months back. The biggest loss to me is with the PS2 he got my flash card with all my saved games on it. All my Guitar Hero II victories and Disgaea 2 characters!