June 17th, 2008


Nobilis Ficlets

Otto sits by the bedside of the delirious Kate and doubt plagues him. He thinks back, wondering if he adequately prepared her for the ordeal she is going through.
"Now that you have finished informing friends and family of your 'sabbatical' you can travel with me for several days while I fulfill my duties. This will give you some insight into the life in store for you while I tell you that which you need to know. It will also give you time to change your mind. " Otto rises from his chair in Kate's apartment and picks up one of her bags and carries it out the car with her close behind.
As Kate loads a bag into the car she inquires, "So if most Nobilis have ways of making as much money as they need, how come you are in a rental truck?"
Otto replies, "Although I could walk everywhere I needed to and still make it there on time, I'd much prefer to get there a bit faster, but not so fast that I don't get to see the countryside. I think it has something to do with my affinity for my estate."
"No, I get that, I mean why a big pickup truck instead of some Porshe?"
Otto grins, "I used to be a farmer, I like trucks. The family has some nicer cars, planes, and boats at our disposal. Our trip to England will be on a private jet owned by Background Czech, my private investigation company. I think my sister Patricia, Power of Islands, owns an entire resort island. I guess I'm just pretty simple. I travel quite a bit and it's just easier to rent trucks for me, and doesn't take as long as buying one. Sometimes I go by motorcycle but I didn't think you'd be comfortable riding behind me."