December 13th, 2008


Mid december

Reading and relaxing this weekend and taking it easy. I still need to do some shopping for Christmas.

This last week was kinda odd, I've been seeing things move at the corners of my vision and in reflections that aren't really there. My logical side says it's probably just strange reflections off my glasses, but my subconscious is saying 'Spooky shit man!'. Anyway it's all down to genetics. The penalty for seeing shit that isn't there is neglible, while the penalty for not seeing some tiger sneaking up on your ancestors was death, ergo we are wired to see shit and interpet it as shit sneaking up on you from the bushes.

I put up some christmas lights, one string around the tree trunk. go me. I didn't get any snow last week in this area. oh well, I hate the white stuff anyway.

My temp roomate finally got his apartment and moved out. Finally peace and quiet and a cleaner placed. yay!

Getting a bit of the single guy holiday lonelies, but I'll live.