March 15th, 2009


JoCo and HoB

The JoCo concert was great as expected. I was a bit disappointed to see there were chairs on the floor as I thought if you go t a ticket down there you were going to have to stand through the concert. We had got tickets in the balcony section. They were great seats, but there were only about 80 people up there so the ushers said once he started singing just sit anywhere you want so we moved down. Only bad thing about being up there is everytime there was audience participation they hit these flood lights that shined in your eyes to illuminate the audience and it was so fucking brite it was like hitting us with a flashbang grenade. and they did it alot the fuckers.

His show wasn't quite as good as the one a year and a half ago at the Mucky Duck. I think after a year+ of getting that pirate arrr. shit all night he's tired of it. Seriously, he should tell Paul and Storm to get a new closing number. that shit would grow old with me pretty fast too.

The other great thing was those in the balcony got tickets to the afterparty at .. fuck .. I can't remember tht name, but the Foundation club room at House of Blues. Holy shit that place was tricked out to look like a persian lounge. I found out normally you have to pay like $1400/year to get a membership to even go into the place. We met some really nice fellow JoCo nerds, two of them mega hot nerdettes, and chatted it up most of the evening. The servers there were really easy on the eyes too. One of them adjusted her tube top in front of Rilee and I think flashed him, and he couldn't speak for a good 2 minutes.