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Feeling Old (Tech)

Well I was considering getting Elderscolls Oblivion given that the forums is gushing about it, but then I checked the minimum specs. Wow, my computer's not even close. I guess I haven't been keeping up with computer tech recently, because I didn't even know that computers existed at the recommended spec level. It's scary how fast the processing power curves have climbed in the last year or so. I should have guessed that it was around time for me to upgrade when WOW filled up most of my hard drive when I installed it. Anyway, the point is that I need to upgrade, but that's not going to happen until after I get a job, because I can't justify to myself spending that much money before then.

I can't even remember how old this computer is. I do remember I updated the video card.. come to think of it, I think that might have been for the last Morrowwind game. It's at least as old as 2003.

My precious:
Dell Dimension 8100
Current Specs:
Pentium 4 1.3 GHZ 512MB Ram
Nvidia Gforce4 Ti 4800 SE
Windows Xp
CD-Rom DVD player (Ha! at least this hasn't advanced too much.)

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