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Tax Time, Summer in the City, feeling myself getting dirty and gritty

Yep, today was TAX day for the Shaunmeister. du du DUN!

Normally I do my own taxes, I mean that's one of the advantages of getting an accounting degree, however this year my taxes were complicated beyond my ability to do them.
See taxes start to get complex when you're either a) really rich or b) really poor and I'm really poor this year so I qualify for a bunch of crap I never qualified for before like
earned income credits and stuff like that. Plus I've taken educational money out of my IRA, have student expenses and loans, and qualify for some of the educational perks as well this year being poor. All that amounts to is alot of stuff I'm not familiar with, so I called up my closest Jackson-Hewitt office.

Me: "Hey, I have complicated taxes with alot of student stuff, can I make an appointment?"
Them: "No need, we're pretty free today, plus it's a 1/2 off all fees day."
Me: "Do you know complicated student stuff?"
Them: "I've done alot of taxes and can look up anything we need, plus you can get a guarantee for a few bucks extra that will mean if we make a mistake we'll pay your taxes."
Me : "Well ok then. From the map on the net looks like you're next to Wal-Mart right?"
Them: "We're actually IN the wal-mart."

So off I go to Wal-mart to get my taxes done with help with three manilla folders of tax info for this year and the last few years.
Basically the lady just puts it all into a fancy turbo tax kinda thing. She's kinda happy cause she gets a commission based on how many forms they
fill out, and my return generates like 8 forms, which is quite a few. She's like "You should DEFINATELY get the golden guarantee based on all that."
Meaning she's about as sure as me about some of the stuff, but hey the guarantee is what I'm there for. Tax insurance.
Anyway, works out that I get almost $2000 back this year, plus get to defer some of my educational expenses for next year.
(I'll definately have to check that out next year to be sure. Basically what the form from UT and the program says is that I file educational expenses in the year I actually pay
for school (including paying student loans) not the year the expenses are incurred, which I think is weird and maybe wrong.)

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