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The End of the Interview Process from Hell - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2006-04-07 16:17
Subject: The End of the Interview Process from Hell
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Interview today in Houston, hopefully the least one for this company, come what may good or bad.
I think I did really well in the behavioral interview part, decent small talk over lunch.
Then they had a role-playing scenario getting information from some clients. I don't think I did very well at that. Hopefully nobody does, and I'll just be average. Goodness gracious, that part was hard. I never did any kind of facilitation of a group before. I fucked up at the end too and forgot to summarize. On the plus side, I kinda lowered expectations a bit earlier by telling them I wasn't the greatest guy to pull information out of people. I'd love to get this job, so now is when the nervousness begins.
I asked them more pointed questions about the work week, and they work about 40-45 hours a week most of the time which is great. Mostly around Houston as well.
On the plus side, I've never gotten a job where I didn't think I didn't screw up on some portion of the interview, so who knows.

I'm meeting my old Houston frinds Brett and Alma in about an hour for dinner at Pei Wei. Should be nice to see them again. I talked to Rilee as well, but he's busy working tonight.
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User: zinnea
Date: 2006-04-08 06:33 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Most interviewers expect to see a certain amount of nervousness, I think. Don't stress it too much. Good luck!
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