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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2006-04-09 12:36
Subject: Kinky for Texas Gov!
Security: Public
A rare political post.

Sunday, April 9
Stubb's Barbecue
801 Red River
Austin 78701


For those of you who haven't heard of him or his positions,
I urge you to take a look at his site. He has an excellent take
on the immigration policy, is liked by McCain and by some democrats as well.
He's a nice moderate choice.
He probably has a decent enough chance of winning that voting
for him won't be a wasted vote if he gets on the ballot.

Although I was very impressed with Perry and the way he handled the Hurricane,
I can't in good conscience vote for Republicans lately with them taking away
the rights of gays and citizens.
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2006-04-10 04:19 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Every vote for Kinky = a vote to re-elect Perry
I posted anonymously because I not a LiveJournal user. You can check out my blog at http://stopkinky.blogspot.com.

When you say, "My version of democracy and voting is that I vote for the candidate I believe can do the best job in office, regardless of what the polls say," I couldn't agree more, but that's a parlimentary system of voting you describe and it doesn't work in a system like ours.

Also, I'm not advocating that you vote for either of the top two runners in the poll. The top candidate in the polls is Perry who's a complete failure in my book and I won't try to persuade you to favor Bell or Strayhorn (or the Green party or the Libertarian party), but I will try and dissuade you from supporting Kinky unless you actually agree with the political nonsense that he spouts as his incoherent platform.

What I don't like about Kinky, aside from his stance on just about every issue that matters to me, is that Kinky is targeting a group of voters who don't know where he stands on many issues and who would disagree with him if they did.
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