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Spider-man Spider man, does the things that a spider can..

For the past few days I've had a small spider about the size of an M&M running around my car. This is the spider that spider-man is based on, because he's the most agile little bugger I ever saw. He's actually a little web-slinger, he jumped off the top of steering wheel, slung a web to the middle, and swung over to the stick shirt to get away from me. He's also shown a tendancy to be able to hop about 4 inches repeatedly. Luckily, I finally cornered him today and was able to get him on a piece of paper and shake him off outside. Good luck little spider-dude!

In other news, I've had a bout of insomnia the past week or so. My mind's been racing for the past few days as well, as I have three final papers and a simulation perculating in there when I try to go to sleep. Not to mention some music, moving anxiety, and final anxiety.

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