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I've been spending the week in Denver doing the consulting thing. I'm starting to get the hang of this travelling around.

Monday we took in a Rockies game, and they beat the Cards. Coors field was nice, but it doesn't quite compare to Minute Maid Park or the Astrodome. I found it odd that the view past the outfield was also just the warehouse district. I mean, with gorgeous mountains on one side, or the bright buildings of downtown on another side, they picked the least pretty direction to build the stadium.

Yesterday we had a nice dinner at a French restaurant with some of the clients, and I watched the second episode of of Eureka on Sci-fi, which took me a while to find. Overall I'm impressed with the series. It's pretty good. The Blade series on Spike is also pretty catchy as well.

We're working near downtown and Denver has this cool pedestrian mall with free shuttles that run up and down all the time, so it's a really nice city from what I've seen.

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