Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Ah Irony!

So I got a copy of Ghost Recon with my card but it doesn't work. Leading me to wonder about the card, so I did a little snooping on the net and found out that it needs a patch to work with the MSI card it was bundled with. Too funny! You would think that if they bundle a game with a graphics card it would work right out of the box.
Furthermore they don't have this patch available online, you have to e-mail them and they send it to you. So I feel reassured that the problem is on the software side. Even funnier is some of the below:

Quote from the Ubi tech support forum.
"RE: MSI Patch availability Reply
Author: mechbart Rank: Recruit Date: 03/29/03 07:55PM

Thanks for the information. I'm glad I looked under General Information. I figured it was for the gaming side of it instead of the, "how do you get this thing to run" side.
What a crock! You buy a new card featuring a game that you must first get a patch for to run.
Great way to get someone to buy something else from you, donn't ya think? - NOT!"

I must concur. Turns out Ubi really dropped the ball on this one letting their game get bundled on a type of CD that wasn't right or didn't have the correct code. Only reinforces my desire to stay away from Ubi games.

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