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The Road
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-04-07 15:55
Subject: Ah Irony!
Security: Public
So I got a copy of Ghost Recon with my card but it doesn't work. Leading me to wonder about the card, so I did a little snooping on the net and found out that it needs a patch to work with the MSI card it was bundled with. Too funny! You would think that if they bundle a game with a graphics card it would work right out of the box.
Furthermore they don't have this patch available online, you have to e-mail them and they send it to you. So I feel reassured that the problem is on the software side. Even funnier is some of the below:

Quote from the Ubi tech support forum.
"RE: MSI Patch availability Reply
Author: mechbart Rank: Recruit Date: 03/29/03 07:55PM

Thanks for the information. I'm glad I looked under General Information. I figured it was for the gaming side of it instead of the, "how do you get this thing to run" side.
What a crock! You buy a new card featuring a game that you must first get a patch for to run.
Great way to get someone to buy something else from you, donn't ya think? - NOT!"

I must concur. Turns out Ubi really dropped the ball on this one letting their game get bundled on a type of CD that wasn't right or didn't have the correct code. Only reinforces my desire to stay away from Ubi games.
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User: mcclintock
Date: 2003-04-07 17:24 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Crap. My first reply got eaten by the lagmonster.

I don't blame MSI, I totally agree it's Ubi's problem for not shipping the bundled version on a 'retail CD' and then adding security which requires a 'retail CD' thus preventing legit owners of the game from playing it.

MSI video card Ghost Recon Game Bundle

I bought an MSI video card which came with a copy of Ghost Recon. After installing the Ghost Recon patches, I can no longer play the game as it asks for the CD to be in the drive. I have the CD in the drive already so what is the problem?

The version that ships with the MSI video card is not actually a full retail version of Ghost Recon. It is a bundled version and is not on a retail CD. After installing the v1.4 patch for Ghost Recon, you must have the original Ghost Recon CD in the drive to play. Since this is not an original retail GR disk, you will experience this problem.

We have created a fix for this problem. To obtain the fix for the MSI/GR problem, you will need to contact a Technical Support Representative. This can be done by clicking on the 'Ask A Question' tab near the top of this page, or Click here to 'Ask A Question'.

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