Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Wow. EVE beta and Planetside beta within 72 hours of putting the new videocard in.
My first two beta tests. Man the new videocard totally rocks! I'm totally claiming it as a lucky talisman or something and shall hang it around my neck after it lives a long and glorious life. EVE is gorgeous, a true feast for the eyes.

In other news I may have to file an extension for taxes since the server that I pull all my employee stock purchase information on has apparanetly taken a dislike to me asking it for stuff. I've asked for a hard copy of the information, but if it doesn't get here soon than I'll file an extension.

My company has announced a 'Clean Slate' month long initiative to reduce administrative costs. Translation: prepare for layoffs in a month.

Yesterday was beautiful, so I went for a jog and got a great workout.

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