Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Attempts to change

So I've been putting on a few pounds in Houston due to the fact that I'm not having to walk around alot in this job like I did going to class in Austin.

I've decided I'm going to cut back and eat at Subway more often and get more healthy lunches, and I'm also going to bring some shorts and t-shirt to work and walk over there to lunch. They have this new daily meal deal where you get a combo for 4 bucks and it's a different specified sandwich every day. Tuesday and Friday are the only day's I'll pass as it's meatball sandwich and tuna sandwich day respectively. It's about 2 blocks away, which isn't much, but is about as far as I would want to go at lunch without taking a shower afterward. Afterall, Houston is hot and muggy.
We'll see how this new routine goes.

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