Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

More New Year's Stuff

So brief update of what I’ve been up to. The weekend before last I had a good friend visiting, so I showed her around Houston a bit.
We went to the Wall of Water, and the Galleria. We also went to Sam Houston Race Park to watch the horses race Friday and Saturday nights.
Although I didn’t win any money, they were pretty nights and it was nice to watch the horses run around a bit. Saturday we ate good steaks, and took a tour of the Saint Arnold’s Brewery. It’s a pretty small place in a warehouse looking building with a bunch of big steel tanks. Apparently, they just let people in on Saturday and it becomes more like a tiny bar with a bunch of wooden tables. You do have to pay a tour fee, but apparently the beer tokens you get are a good value, because tons of people come and bring lunches and boardgames and stuff to sit around and drink. It’s kinda of a picnic-like Octoberfesty atmosphere. They also give you tokens if you bring back boxes and cardboard beer containers, so recycling pays beer. New Year’s Eve we played some boardgames with some friends. We played Bohnanza, a german bean growing trading game, RoboRally, a robotic death race type game. I pushed some bots into the pit with my bot, I was quite the death machine in that game.

The short week passed pretty quickly, as I just played a bit of Guitar Hero and went to bed early most nights. I was feeling a bit tired last week and went to sleep pretty early. I’m still feeling sleepy this week as well. I don’t know if I’ve been fighting off a cold or just having low level sinus problems.

Last weekend I went to a holiday party on Saturday, watched the cowboys with the accompanying emotions relating from their performance, and then did some gaming with the guys on Sunday. I apparently need to get a coffee maker. Any recommendations on a simple 4-5 cup drip machine relatively cheap?

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