Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

All work and no play

Last weekend I had a lazy weekend. I didn’t do a whole bunch. I caught up on some sleep, watched a bit of TV, spent an afternoon playing Okami on the PS2, and did a bit of housework.
I picked up a Houston Press looking for things to do, and I decided on trying to see a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ play at the University of Houston. I debated whether to try to do this for awhile, because I’ve never been able to find anything at UH. The rooms they have events in are never on the maps, and nobody ever knows where they are, and there’s no parking. However, this time I was optimistic because there was an address listed. So I drove down there to go to the show. I get to the address. No building or theatre. Now there was also a gate number listed, but finding a gate at UH is hard, so I drove around a bit looking for the gate near the address where the theatre would have been. No luck. So my hate of UH is reinforced. I thought I may give it another try, so I looked the event up online hoping they had a better map. Nope, no map. You’d think if you’re having a play you would include a bloody map to where you are having it, or if the Quintero theatre is in a building, what that building’s name might be. I also noticed the bad address had been removed. Yay progress.

I’m still in the mood to see a play, so I may see ‘Enter Laughing’ this weekend. I at least know where the place they are having it is.
I’m also gaming this weekend with my friends. They are halfway through the module I’m running, so it should be fun.
I’m also debating whether or not to go to the car show here in Houston.

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