Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Last weekend was OwlCon, so I spent Friday planning to go there that evening, but at the place I stopped to have dinner at they mixed up everybody’s orders and by the time they got it all sorted out it was too late to go and make the 8pm start for that round of games. I did end up going all day Saturday. I played most of the afternoon in a game of Order of The Stick adventure game which we called at around 6pm after playing for 5 hours. Interesting game, but way way too long with a full group. I did enjoy most of the time, but it dragged at the end. I was considering getting it at the con, but decided instead to get a game called Smugglers of the Galaxy that had been featured in the Houston Chronicle because it was developed by a local guy. He was there at the con selling it, and I watched him play a demo against a few folks. It seemed pretty cool, with elements of Empire Builder in the buying and trading of goods.

That evening I played a Buffy game run by the BardNoir, who apparently is fairly well known on the machinima scene. That’s apparently where they make movies using game engines like Red vs. Blue or the Sims. It was a fun Buffy game.

Monday I had a Heroes watching party again, and ate ice cream. A good day.
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