Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

March of the March Days

Not much to report on lately.

Last weekend, I went to see a ComedySportz improve show near where the old Town and Country mall used to be. It was only about 10 bucks and was well worth it for a couple of hours of entertainment. I’ll probably go back again some other time. I’ve been trying to get out of the apartment and do more stuff recently, so that was my event for the weekend. I also went to Barnes and Noble on Saturday to go shopping for new books and maybe some music. I ended up finding a magazine that had a free Lord of the Rings Online beta key inside, so I bought that and am playing the open beta period. It’s a little graphics heavy for my current machine, so sometimes I get killed by the lagmonster as I’m running around and then I’m dead due to some bear I never saw. I’ve purchased a new WidowPC online gaming desktop rig that I should be getting sometime later this month. That machine should let me avoid the lagmonster, and I may start playing a bit of World of Warcraft again. I haven’t played since since about two years ago when I was in MO. Hopefully all the new features should make playing in WSG quicker and funner.
I also dusted off Disgaea 2 last week and put in some time with that again last weekend. That’s an easy way to kill a whole day.

My sister and family was in town last weekend too, so I got to have dinner with them and see Lance again. They were very impressed by the kid’s menu prize of some kind of crafty twisty sticks. I think they enjoyed them more than Lance did, and they were kinda cool.

I finished running my section of the D&D campaign a weekend or two ago as well, so no more GM’ing for me for awhile. I need to level my Swashbuckler/Rogue a bit and pick a feat.

Been reading a bit online. Here's some links:

Civil War Parody - (Cheaper than buying the comics, and probably better writing as well)


Everway - The Long Road Home - a great RPG campaign story that's written better than alot of fantasy novels. It's a great long read and good story.

Accelerando - A great singularity story following a generation of folks from near future to post sigularity transcendence.


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