Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Ah, Tax time.

Woot! After spending all day on them my taxes are done! My initial estimate on what I would owe was roughly $1200 so I'm glad I was wrong. I only owe Uncle Sam roughly $500 due to my massive $8000 stock loss last year, of which I can only take $3000 this year. I knew I lost my ass, but that number staggers even me. I'll probably be in shock the rest of the day. So I will have a carry over loss to next year. Who said California and Enron never did anything nice for me? As my check is on its long journey to Austin, my Planetside Beta CD's are also in the mail. Maybe they shall pass in the night.

I went shopping this morning after getting halfway through the taxes for a break and bought a ton of socks and undergarments. With the local K-Mart closing my cheap sock source has gone dry.
I also bought a microphone for my PC since there's a chance I might meet some buddies in the beta and use their Teamspeak server thingy. I'm not real up on voice comm software and stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to figure it out.

Me and Riley went to T-Town yesterday for Zydeco night and had a bit of free crawfish. T-town is the minority club in town and I think we were the only caucasians there. I had fun, but I've never seen so much ebony cleavage in my life. I asked one girl three to dance and two girls at the pharmacy for their phone number earlier and got shot down three times in one night. That's a new record for me.
I got one 'You're funny.' one 'No thanks.' and one 'I'm moving to PA so I'm not dating now.'.
Apparently my mojo is weak. I must work on it.

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