Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Heroes and such

Heroes - Five years passed was so awesome that the finale was a bit of a letdown. For a show that had such awesome writing previously, it was a bit weak sauce.

I've been craving mussels for about a week, so I ate some yesterday night.

I've been having bad dreams lately, usually the only kind of dreams I remember. A few nights ago I dreamed I was camping and got eaten by a bear, and then last night I dreamed all my teeth were crumbling in my mouth and falling out, although that may have something to do with the candy I ate before bed.

My new project will be in LaPorte, which once again means I lucked out and don't have to travel.

I think I might have found a nice house to buy in the Meyerland area of Houston.

I'm playing Disgaea 2 again, and Monday night I finished a 100 level item crawl and beat the item god with only one guy left. Yay me.

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