Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Denver to Austin

Once again I was in Denver for business last week. The weather was much nicer, I enjoyed sitting out on the patio a bit during the free time I had there.
My asthma is still bothering me with a nagging cough. It's reflexive airway disorder or something like that, so I get coughing fits when I change atmosphere from indoor to outdoor and when traveling. It's fricking annoying as all get out, especially since it gets bad for no good reason at night. The medicine is helping, but I was hoping it would have gotten rid of it by now. I may have to go back to the doc and try some other kind of meds.

I'm visting the family in Austin this weekend and spending time with my sister and her hubby, my nephew, and my dad and grandma. Things just sort of worked out that I could fly down here and then ride back to Houston with them on the way back. I regret I wasn't able to go see Cristine, but she's not getting any time off this Labor day.

I still need to keep up the work on upgrading the wardrobe to be more business formal. I need to go shoppign for suits and slacks. yuck. I hate having to dress up, I'm a natural confort slob. Part of the job requires me to look good though, and I have noticed that most of the time I'm the worst dressed one on the project. Part of the problem is being fat I always look more sloppy than most folks just because of my size.

On the good news front, I think I may have found a house. yay!

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