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Pack-rat Genes - The Road — LiveJournal
Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Date: 2003-04-21 12:23
Subject: Pack-rat Genes
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Weekend at Bernie's
OK, so it's not a weekend at Bernie's. It's not even really a weekend. It's been 3 days of cleaning the crap out of Amber's grandmother's house. She's managed to accumulate over the years an impressive amount of crap. Things found:

Three boxes of photographs. Easily 90 percent of these photographs are out of focus or cut the heads off people at the neck.

Two boxes of stamps. Well, I found two boxes. I think a couple more were found that I never saw.

Three mummified mice. Mmm....mummified mouse....

Uncounted lizard mummies. You'd think she was a pharoh and these were her faithful servants.

A yardfull of CRAP.

We worked about 6 hours a day sorting the crap and putting it either in storage or in the front lawn to be hauled off, which happened almost immediately. You'd think it was all gold-plated.

The highlight of the event: Two large dressers made out of...wait for it...plastic! Imitation hardwood painted plastic. We emptied all the clothes and sheets and lace (nicely mouse-chewed and thus worthless), and then Shaun andI attempted to move them. Apparently I was mistaked -- they were made of plastic and fscking lead. It was all we could do to get them out to the lawn, where two guys promptly exclaimed they were heavy... and carted them across the street.

This morning we returned to find that the "neat" pile of crap we had placed at the curb had turned into a large scattered pile of crap. Sucks to work for the Port Arthur Waste Services Department.
Spent my vacation in a cat-allergy and dust induced zombie state cleaning my grandma's house. We literally filled up the a quarter or her front yard near the street with stuff we threw out, and filled a storage room with stuff we kept. I now have a chest of rescued stuff that I must find a home for or Ebay away.
Makes me want to clean up around here when I recover and throw some crap out.

I'll post a bit about our intersting trip to the Beaumont 'roadhouse' eatery later.
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