Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Went to see the sinus doctor yesterday and he game me some steroid nosespray to help with my irritated turbinate (nose part). He said if it doesn't work well they can give me a pain shot and put a needle up there, run some current through, and cauterize the part that's bothering me. I'll probably go with that option as I don't want to be spraying stuff up my nose for the rest of my life.

Playing too much Planetside. Man, that game is fun. Zooming around in a Reaver attack hover plane and sending out a salvo of missles to blow people up or dogfights.
The game hums on my new system and T1 internet connection. I think I'm finally getting my money's worth out of it since I haven't really played online games since I moved there. They just put in deleting characters so now I can try to play with some PvP guys
tonight as I can restart and play the right faction on the correct server.

New Buffy Tonight! Yay. New Angel tommorrow! Yay. Cheap buffalo wings today! Yay.
I like Tuesday.

My dad got a job in Baton Rouge. Go Dad!
Layoffs here in about a month. I probably should take a vacation before then since I don't think you get to take it with you if you don't use it and get canned.
Where should I go? I hate to travel alone.
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