Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Snazzy bed

Mom visited with the truck so you know what that means.  Trip to IKEA!  I put this beauty together yesterday.
I also bought some storage lockers for night-stands.  The night stands that matched this bed had pointy shelves right at eye level.  I could just see me turning wrong and bam! there goes my eye.  Terrible design.

Oh, and I support IKEA and it's gay friendly ads and let them know.

"Rev. Don Wildmon - American “Family” Association :
"Many of you have written about the IKEA furniture commercial. Although IKEA is not a nationally known company, they are growing, with stores in most major U.S. cities. IKEA is a Sweden-based retail furniture company and they are trying to force their liberal worldview on Americans through television.

Their latest U.S.-aired commercial features a homosexual male couple and young female child on the floor, resting up against each other, as they lean on the front of their couch. The voiceover poses the question: “Why shouldn’t sofas come in flavors, just like families?”

This is just one of many pro-homosexual ads IKEA airs around the world.

Please let IKEA know that the promotion of homosexual couples as a “family” is offensive and undermines American values."


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