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Penny Arcade Video

From Penny Arcade

I won’t lie to you. I have fought off my share of imaginary dark Jedi in my parent’s basement using only a broom stick and some light saber noises. I did not however videotape it. God bless this poor son of a bitch. His public humiliation might be the funniest thing I see all year.

-Gabe out

America's Funniest Home Video

I busted a gut laughing at this. This must look very familiar to those who know me because this behavior is SO me. I've done this many times and never realized how bust-a-gut funny I must have looked.
Luckily I have no video tapes of me doing it. I'd like to think my fighting style is a bit more polished, but you never know.

I get the complaint sometimes that I'm condensending.
So I try to avoid that when I can. Yesterday during a marathon chat with Jessica, who is a CIS major who spends more time online than me, I mentioned a site getting Slashdotted.
She was unaware of the term so I was trying to explain Slashdot and the Slashdot effect.
I'm assuming she was serious about not knowing, but there's a 2% chance she might have been pulling my leg. You never know. I was just so shocked.
That's the danger to me, because usually when I get pegged with the condensending attitude it's becuase
someone's unaware of something that I have classified as common knowledge. But it's not really general
population common knowledge, it just that the group I hang with is all geeks/nerds or has so much exposure to them that they know all our stuff. So I generalize that everybody has nerd common knowledge, but they don't.
And it surprises me. But it shouldn't.
So I need to work on that a bit more.

However she has cool dividers between her thoughts on her postings, and I all have is the dashes.
So who's the ignorant one here?

X-Men 2 is a really cool movie. Just under Matrix level cool.
I don't know who wrote the stuff for Magneto, but Ian McKellen just rocked the movie.
Best Villian Ever.

He has a pretty nifty site too.


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