Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

The usual

 I've still been gettting over a cold this week.  Nothing serious, just fatigued more than usual at the end of the day.  The antibiotics they gave me are huge horse pills that I have to take with food, and they still upset my stomach a bit.  I've started to divide them up and take them in halves.

I've been considering getting a treadmill for the home recently, so I can go walking and watch TV at the same time in the summer when it gets to hot to walk outside.  There's a nice one at Academy that's around $600 that's rated for my fat ass in weight.

I've been considering playing some WoW lately as well but haven't decided yet to use my gamecard to reactivate my account.

I finished reading Fables through Jack of Tales in Vegas.  Good stuff.
I missed a few trades in the middle like the Bitter Season one.  I've been considering picking up the NextWave trade and reading that just because I've been seeing alot of clips and scans from it places.

I still have two IKEA storage boxes to put together that I plan to use as bedside tables, and an IKEA lamp, and a steamer chair for outside from Chair King that I need to assemble.

What I'm Watching on TV lately:
Ace of Cakes
Dr. Who
How I Met Your Mother
Dangerous Catch
Misc. Regis and Kelly / Tonight Show / Daily show / Colbert stuff

I've missed too much Battlestar Galactica so I'll have to catch this season on Disc when it comes out.


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