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ShaunAggieAIM: I do have a Katz's story.
jessicah81: Oh, go for it!
ShaunAggieAIM: Not from today, from first time I went there with Brett, my friend.
jessicah81: Okay. :-)
ShaunAggieAIM: there is a sign on the hostess's little podium that says something like 'We give Elevator Rides!'
ShaunAggieAIM: so I said 'I want to ride the Elevator!' and she was kinda surprised but said ok.
jessicah81: ehehehhee....there's an elevator??
ShaunAggieAIM: becuase the sign made it sound fun.
ShaunAggieAIM: or special or theme-y.
ShaunAggieAIM: but it was just a run down service elevator in the back.
jessicah81: LOL!
jessicah81: But you got to ride, no? :-)
ShaunAggieAIM: and I was all 'What's with the sign if this is the crappy elevator?'
ShaunAggieAIM: you should't advertise that!
ShaunAggieAIM: I thought it would be like a cool new york loft elevator where they have the gate you have to pull aside/updown
ShaunAggieAIM: but no.
ShaunAggieAIM: anyway, it was kinda funny.
jessicah81: hehehhee....did your friend go for the ride too?
jessicah81: :-)
ShaunAggieAIM: yes.
ShaunAggieAIM: we were all like 'this really sux.'
ShaunAggieAIM: you'll see if we ever go there.
jessicah81: Can I ask for the ride?
jessicah81: :-)
ShaunAggieAIM: anyway they still had the sign today and it made me chuckle.
jessicah81: You could write about that.... :-)
jessicah81: How long ago was your first time there?
ShaunAggieAIM: it should say. 'For the handicapped and elderly we have an elevator available.'
ShaunAggieAIM: not 'Ask about our Elevator Ride!!!'
jessicah81: hehehhehehe
jessicah81: I agree with ya.
ShaunAggieAIM: Anyway I will post that.
ShaunAggieAIM: it's a good story.
jessicah81: Please. :-)
jessicah81: So, this place is 2 floors?
ShaunAggieAIM: yes.
jessicah81: interesting
ShaunAggieAIM: most of the seating is on the second floor.

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