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On Buying stuff

 So as some of you may know, I have been able to buy stuff recently.  I got an XBOX 360 and am playing the heck out of it between Rock Band, Puzzle Quest (so simple but fun), Mass Effect, and Lost Odyssey.  I also have the Orange Box (Portal) and Gears of War still in the box unopend because I haven't gotten to them yet.  I'm digging the xbox.   I got to play Rock Band with a full band when the family visited a few weekends ago and it was wicked fun.

In related news, I learned that my house can accomodate 5 adults, 3 kids ranging from 8-3ish, and a baby in addition to myself.
In related news to that, holy crap! is that many kids noisy.
Speaking of Holy crap, I've been going to church some because I promised I would on a piece of paper in order to be my niece's godfather.  This in case I get asked by the priest who is running me and some others at the church through a pre-Baptism class that is required if I've been attending church regularly so I won't have to lie.

In other non-related news...
I got a new digital camera, also still in box, that I need to take out and take some pics of the house with now that I've decorated to my likings in many of the rooms.  So I can show off my l33t interior decorating skillz. woot.

I got a new phone too, it's a Chocolate LG.  I got that free with renewing my contract with verizon, who's service I'm much happier with than Cingular.  No more dropped calls all the friggen time.  It's out of the box but still unused because I can't figure out where on my old phone the sim card is.  I'll have to bring it into a store to have them figure it out and how to activate it.

I'm trying to test drive a Prius to see if I like it.  My mustang is 10 years old so I'm debating when I need to get a new car.  I'd like to drive the mustang till it won't drive no more and then get a Prius, but since there's a waiting list for the Prius I need to order it before my car breaks down.  Since I'm not psychic in respect to cars this presents a dilemma to me.

I watched The Middleman on Fox Family today for the first time.  I'm glad io9 (www.io9.com) pointed out it was a good show because it made me genuinely laugh a few times.  It's a kinda modern day kitshy Adam West Batman crossed with the mountie from Due South as the hero crossed with Moonlighting 's fast paced pater between the hero and his trainee crossed with PS239 and anyway it's good.

I have been a good boy and exercising on my treadmill. this week.
In other news, Allergies in Houston are kicking everyone's ass that is sensitive to that stuff including me.  Despite my allergy meds, my eyes have been mega itchy for the past few weeks.

I'm getting new glasses this week.  I'll post pics but I got them specifically because they look almost identical to my current glasses so there's not much change.

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