Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

A rare complaint

 Verizon tried to pull the old bait and switch with me on the new plan, but I am SMRT! and I caught them
I checked my new bill, which should have been cheaper than the old bill, and it wasn't!
So I checked the details and found out they were billing me for a $15/month data plan and some extra long distance charges.
So I call them up to ask about it, and I got a super nice helpful person who wasn't in India or someplace.
She cancelled the data plan and credited me for the long distance charges because I am supposed to get long distance free.
So I got $17 back this month, and I shouldn't be billed the extra 15 next month.  $15/month is like a MMO subscription.
So boo Verizon for misbilling me but Yay! Verizon customer service for fixing it.

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