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The lack of posts lately have been because my life's been ordinary. Work, home, sleep, Xbox, a bit of eating out, a bit of exercise. Visted Austin earlier this month for a nice time with family.
I'm not traveling for work this month, so that's nice.

I need to go shopping for a new microwave.

You know I wasn't terribly interested in Warhammer online until I read the thread about it. The battlefields in WOW was one of my favorite parts of the game, and it seems they have taken that and made a game revolve more around that. I may pick it up, but not until a month or so after launch.

Saw a IMAX trailer for Watchmen when we went to see Batman. OMG. This movie looks great.

I've been in a bit of an antisocial mood this month, so I haven't been going out and doing much.
I had a cold earlier in the month, which irritates my allergy cough, so I'm still trying to get rid of that.
Takes forever to get rid of it once my airways get irritated.

Watching Olympics, they rock in many ways. I like it when people are happy to get a silver or bronze instead of disappointed they didn't get the gold. Chinese men gymnasts are a class act, I saw one go out to quiet the crowd after his 1st ranking routing because there were still one or two to perform after him.

I programmed to much olympics into my DVR and it apparently filled up and choked to death. It then erased everything and reset it back to base, so I had to reprogram all my shows and missed an episode of Middleman.
Tragedy! Much gnashing and wailing of teeth.
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