Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Weekend Update

I saw some guys standing by the railway track with a bunch of baggage the other day. I was puzzled for a bit as this wasn't an amtrack stop or anything, then I realized they were probably conductors ready to switch out with another crew as trains stop there alot when they are in the city.

I saw Rachel Maddow on the Colbert report the other day and I thought she was a real intelligent cutie, which just goes to show that I have almost no working gaydar at all. I may have to start checking out her show on MSNBC occassionaly when I don't get my news from the Daily Report.

I'm still battling fatigue and a severe case of not being motivated to do just about anything at all, and I've made an appointment with a hormone doc as wonky hormones is in the lead in the causation sweepstakes. My mom has wonky hormones as well, so since I take after her it may well be that.

I'm now on myspace since my sister put all her halloween pics up there and said I needed to friend her to see them. It's hard to have grumpy old man cred when I have a myspace page.

I need to buy some blankets as the short winter is upon us in Houston. It actually got kinda chilly in the house yesterday, and I like it cold. My sister and brother in law say I keep my house like a meat locker.

I just watched the will.i.am obama videos today. I didn't know about them until I was reading some stuff on the dumb 'hologram' they had on the news on election day.

Gaiman's Graveyard Book is out, I need to pick that up. I'm currently reading the Steve Martin autobiography 'Born Standing Up' but I'm reading it very slowly. I have ian banks 'Player of Games' for the next time I travel to read as well. Haven't been traveling much this last month.

Listening to Magnatune and lala at work trying to find some good cello ambient music. Jami Siebler's pretty good.
Cool stuff. Obama's change.gov site is super slick too.

Started watching Supernatural this season. It's a good show. I like Ben Edlund's writing as it's funny.
Vampires getting pizzas delivered and riding away on scooters, you can tell what is some of his stuff sometimes.

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