Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Asian Subculture goes Mainstream

So wandering around the Memorial City Mall yesterday I notice the food court got a new addition.
Fuji Teahouse and Sushi Bar.
Intersting. So now there is a place at the mall where kids can get bubbletea (drinks with little balls of tapioca in them) and sushi. Unfortunatly no Pocky was on sale.

The area of town I live in is very near Houston's own Asian district, so such things aren't news to me. The area I grew up in also had a large Vietnamese population. So I know Nyugen is pronounced 'When'. And Dat Nyugen was our star linebacker at Texas A&M. I love Pocky, and I've had bubble tea and other weird stuff.
Sinh Sinh is my favorite restaurant near where I live mainly for their hot fresh Imperial Rolls with fish sauce. Yummy. Although the roasted ducks with heads hanging from their takeout area gave a friend of mine's wife pause.

Of course not all my forays into new things have been successful.
I remember the time I bought a 'heart of coconut' at the asian supermarket.
It is this Saran wrapped hunk of white stuff about the size of a small box of Kleenex, which I took to be coconut meat.
I was very surprised at the low price for such a good haul.
Until I unwrapped it and tried to take a bite.
It was Wood .
Coconut wood. Very untasty stuff if you aren't a beaver.
It went bad before I was able to find out what you are suppossed to do with it.
I'm still not sure today. I think they cut it up and put in in soup for flavor or
something. Of course you'd need an axe or cleaver to cut it up. It wasn't exactly soft wood.

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