Juan (mcclintock) wrote,


Up! was great. If anyone doesn't tear up during the opening montage you have a heart of stone. Stone I say!
Ed Asner rocks, of course everyone should know that already.
Oh, and I'll get a pet when they invent those collars.

Let's see, what did I do this weekend? Friday night I chilled. Saturday I saw Up! during the day and in the evening hit a new club they just built down the street and the Pourhouse pub. Not much going on there at either place, but I give myself cudos for getting dressed up and going out instead of sitting in like I usually do. Went shopping too.

Sunday I backed cupcakes for a dessert meetup and had a picnic at the park with the meetup group. Saw J. again and did some light flirting. She's either slightly interested in me or just very nice. Hard to say.
Got the Dear John brushoff letter from the nice date I had last Sunday. I got my hopes up with that one a bit, she seemed nice and we seemed to have good chemistry. She was gorgeous in a Janeane Garafalo way.

I'm going to make myself that free-range grass fed T-bone I have in the icebox tonight.

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