Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Twitter update

I'm thinking of going to House of Blues tonight to see Richard Cheese.

Going to the Tasting Room Midtown tonight for a mixer.
2:59 PM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
Good article link from Wiki: http://ping.fm/I97nP
2:35 PM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
The phrase "bésame mucho" can be translated into English as "kiss me a lot".
2:35 PM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
Babelfish tells me it means Besame much. not much help, but Wikipedia saves the day.
2:34 PM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
Listened to Bésame Mucho on Lala. Sounded familiar and I wanted to know what it meant.
2:32 PM Jun 9th from Ping.fm
It's gonna rain. I like rain but not during commute time. Rain make stupid people crash.

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