Juan (mcclintock) wrote,

Project day

So this morning I surveyed my back yard, which has a huge dead patch in the grass from the drought and the fact that the sprinkler lines leak under that patch. It was a medium dead patch before the drought. I think because of the water that sometimes leaks from the sprinkler there may be mold in the roots or something. I don't know, I'm no Hank Hill.

So whilst I was surveying my kingdom, another gorram fire ant bit me on the foot. I was in sandals, silly me. So that was the last straw. I respread fire ant killer over my entire yard, front and back, sprayed the foundation again, and then sprayed in the bathroom again, where they are still scouting occassionally.

So I have declared war on the fire ants, scorched their earth, salted their crops, poisoned their roads and paths and I feel no remorse whatsover. Fear me, destroyer of insect worlds. Of course, if I drop dead in the next week you'll know I overdid it.

Back to projects. So getting some lawn fertilizer and more ant stuff was on the agenda. I also have a large gap behind the washer and dryer between it and the wall. Since I take stuff out of the dryer and put it on top, I've been losing small items like socks and underware into the chasm. So I bought a backing board and cut a notch in it to accomodate the cords and I must admit if fits pretty well. No more sock chasm.

I have three more things I need to work on in the house.
1. Still need to get a contractor to put up something in the upstairs bedroom that I've partially removed the wallpaper from. This project has lingered because I don't know what to put up. I'm partial to getting some kind of wood panelling put up, something in a light birchy color.

2. I need to survey the attic and see if I need more insulation up there.

3. In the garage I have a drywall walls all around. It's starting to get gouges in it. I pressure washed the garage out last weekend and in some places it just crumbled where it got hit by some scattering spray as I lightly sprayed the floor down. I obviously need to do something there. Maybe it just needs a coat of exterior latex paint or something to have a moisture barrier. It's so damn humid here I'm worried if I don't do anything it will just fall apart eventually. There's also a gap between the foundation and the board that I'm worried bugs and moisture can get into house.

I also got a haircut today. I'm starting to go grey and it's advancing much faster than I thought it would.
More on my head and face than anywhere else.

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