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Latest doings

Not much exciting going on lately. I’ve been taking a two week vacation and kicking back and relaxing.
I spent a week in Orlando to see the shuttle launch which didn’t go exactly as planned. They pushed the launch back almost a week and closed the viewing causeway for the launch, so I had to watch it in Orlando.
I haven’t decided if I’ll go back and try again, but it probably won’t be soon if I do it.
Spending this weekend visiting my Dad in Baton Rouge. Nothing big planned for the weekend, just hanging and watching some sports on TV, grill up some steaks, and hang out.

Went to the Houston Howl at the Moon last Friday night with Rilee. It’s a bit different from the Howl at the Moon in LA and Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans and Orlando. Instead of just the dueling pianos, they have drums and guitars as well, which is a bit different vive. So they play more metal and hander music there. I like just the pianos a bit better.

Just got the A/C in the house replaced with something very efficient that meets the tax credit qualifications. I’m also having EAS come in and do the radiant barrier in a few weeks as that’s half off price now with some free insulation thrown in. That pretty much shoots my home improvement and big ticket budget for the next year.

I’m thinking of buying a Wii, but haven’t decided on it yet. I’ll probably get one just for the extra exercise.
Playing some Disgaea 3 recently and reading some P. Hamilton sci-fi lately. I’ve been in a bit of a hermit mood the last few weeks, and it will probably last another few weeks. I’d gone on a date or two with a nice girl a few weeks back and got my hopes up as we really seemed to click, so I took it kinda hard when she told me she wasn’t interested. I don’t think I’m that bad a reading signs and non-verbal language, so it’s the surprises like that one that really take the wind out of your dating sails.

Looks like I’ll be working more in OKC these next few months. Not too bad, but I’d prefer working in Houston of course.

Champions Online is out, so I probably won’t be hanging as much with Rilee and going out in the next few months. I tried it, but it just didn’t grab me. Still waiting for Jumpgate Evolution to come out, I’m excited about that. The sackboy 9 movie comes out soon, so I’ll go see that, as well as Avatar and Tron way in the future.

Going to see the Astros next weekend with my dad, and should be getting a visit from my sis soon as well.

Oh, and Louisiana has a tax free weekend on guns and ammo while I'm visiting. It's popular and crowded anywere guns and ammo are sold. There's definately a 'you might be a redneck' joke in there somewhere.

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